Mur Mur Tulum

Quintana Roo 15, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Beverages available
Score: 4.5

This not-so-old restaurant cum bar on Tulum’s jungle side opened its doors to the public in the December of 2015 under the supervision of one of Mexico’s topmost cooks, Diego Hernandez. (His eatery located in the Valle de Guadalupe was nominated one out of the top 50 in all of Latin America). Mur Mur has the capacity to seat almost 60 people at once, and is set up on the side off the main road, and is constantly shining with the string lights used in its decors, giving an alfresco dining experience.

The emphasis given here is on contemporary Baja Mexican food, with influence from Yucatán. And as much as possible, all the raw materials and meat is obtained locally—pork from Valladolid, beef from Cancun, and fish are sourced from the local fishermen. Typically prepared using a brick-oven grill, the dishes served are at all times fresh and also delicious: the avocado salad with peppery cauliflower confit is something you won’t forget easily. Head bartender will show you some of the most striking cocktails that have been developed by taking inspiration from some of the best bars around the globe. It is a great place to not only visit at night with friends but also with your family during lunch or dinner hours. The vibe here is super lively and happy, and no matter whom you bring along to this place, they are sure to be impressed.

Key Highlights

  • Innovative Drinks at the bar
  • Suitable for a visit with family as well
  • Innovative seating in the form of swings in one section near the bar
  • The fusion dishes are something everyone loves
  • Very friendly staff and good service
  • Fresh and delicious food cooked on a brick-oven grill
  • All the meat and other raw materials are sourced locally only

Must-Try: The Baja Mexican Cuisine and Drinks!

Mur Mur is very well-known for its eatery/restaurant, which serves the best in town Baja Mexican cuisine. Apart from that it also has one of the best bars in the city that are also a romantic spot. It has one of the most unrecognized bars in Tulum that is not mentioned on their own website as well, but it sure is a hidden gem. They serve creative and refreshing drinks, with stimulated mixtures of smoky mezcal, fresh fruits, and herbal syrups that are made by them fresh in the house. Another great dish you must try is the peppery Paloma, along with grapefruit and tequila along with the Mur Mur served with mezcaland passion fruit.

All-in-all the cuisine is amazing and so are the drinks. It has taken inspiration from many great bars around the globe when it comes to drinks, so they are a must-try.

Visit this Underrated Bar and Highly Praised Restaurant Today!

Mur Mur has one of the best Mexican cuisines served in all of Tulum, accompanied by the best cocktails in town from their over-the-top bar. It is a must-visit, be it your friends, family or special someone.