Tulum is a paradise for food lovers, and the popularity of the city attracts more and more chefs willing to introduce their local cuisine. Visitors come to research the most delicious products, authentic Mexican food, and fine dining international restaurants with Michelin stars. You can find it all here in Tulum, Mexico!

According to TripAdvisor, there are 652 restaurants in the Tulum area, and many do not appear on the list and are waiting for a curious palate. So to help you choose the right restaurant, we have picked our favorites, and listed them below. These offer good options in Tulum with different culinary adventures, and there are 27 of them, one for lunch and one for dinner over a two-week vacation. Just click the name of the restaurant to read our full review.

Top tips for eating out in Tulum

To enjoy your experience in Tulum, follow these 4 tips from the Vacation Tulum team:

  1. Bring some cash with you – Be aware that most of the restaurants in Tulum do not accept credit cards, even fine dining places. Also, restaurants that allow credit cards often put an additional surcharge fee of 3% on top of the price. U.S dollars could be accepted in some restaurants, but Mexican pesos are preferred if you want to get the best rates. So, do not hesitate to exchange your money or withdraw some cash once in Tulum.
  2. Tipping – As an American coming to Tulum, you will not get unfamiliar doing this, but tipping is part of the custom here. Generally, visitors should tip between 10-15% of the price. Before tipping, you can also check the bill with the word “propina” meaning tip in Spanish if it has already been added to the final price. Then, add the amount of 10-15% asked by the restaurant and consider paying in Mexican pesos so staff will not need to exchange money.
  3. Beach Zone vs Pueblo – Most of Tulum’s best restaurants are located in two distinct areas: Beach zone, also called Zona Hotelera Tulum or Tulum Pueblo. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food at affordable prices, then you should head to Tulum Pueblo to get your deal. The Beach zone offers more chic, high-end spots. They are located on the jungle side of the road with outdoor seating.
  4. Eat Ceviche like a local – Ceviche is a must in Tulum. This south-American dish is usually prepared with raw fish and is a popular dish to try in Tulum. As a local, we highly recommend enjoying this dish with tortillas chips, also called totopos, and with a fresh Cerveza to drink for experiencing one of the most delicious, refreshing, and healthy dishes one can have.

When you book a holiday rental, you can also enjoy eating at home, going to some lovely markets to pick up your food, and enjoying cooking in your fully equipped kitchen. You can also order out from a variety of restaurants via, an online service where you can order on their website, from dozens of restaurants and other grocery services, and have it delivered to your vacation rental. Pop the website address into Google. It is available to see in English.

We hope our tips for eating out and our restaurant lists help you to enjoy the wonderful restaurant scene Tulum has to offer.