Calle Gama Ote. 735, Tulum Centro, Parque Lacroc, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
+52 984 234 2359
Score: 4.2

Chamicos, the best seafood restaurant situated in downtown Tulum and Punta Soliman Bay, Tulum Playa del Carmen Road. It is a great place to relish yourself with your family and friends without worrying about your children making havoc. There is a special game and a trampoline area that they are sure to love. There is a separate section in the restaurant to hold your business meetings and other important events.

The beach branch of Chamicos is a sight of beauty and a great place to relax; you can do snorkelling activities, kayak rides, and there is also space provided for camping. Indulge in your favorite dishes by the seaside and have a relaxed time with your loved ones, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. If you are looking to organize a special day soon and constantly searching for a “Mexican restaurant near me,” then Chamicos is the place you will love. You can look at the detailed information to get in touch with them on their official social media handles or contact them directly through phone calls.

Key Highlights

  • Outdoor seating is available
  • Good seating space with parking area available
  • Complete bar that serves a wide variety of alcohol
  • Table service is available for ease of ordering
  • Waterfront view for the best relaxing day
  • Beach view from the seating
  • Playgrounds are open for children

Main Event: The Food. What Can We Expect?

Chamicos is a seafood restaurant that has the best dishes being served to its guests. The secret to their recipes, as stated by them, lies in the Mayan hands. Each of their dishes is made with great attention to the ingredients that are of the finest quality.

The fried fish is said to be a very popular dish in the restaurant, and the drinks are something everyone praises. From grilled Fish Tacos, ceviche, guacamole, onion tomato salsa, and tortilla chips to Pico de Gallo, rice, and beans, everything is delicious here.

Upon visiting this beautiful place, you will be greeted by the very polite staff, and you can order from your table itself. The dishes are one of a kind, and most people come here for the amazing beach view it offers. Chamicos is a gorgeous place to capture that perfect food shot for your Instagram.

You can book a separate section as well if you want to hold a private event or perhaps a business meeting here.

Traveller Tips

This is what some of the travellers had to say about this place:

  • Finest fried fish and ceviche in all of the Yucatan anyone could have ever eaten
  • The Pico de Gallo to the lobster, everything tasted fresh
  • The kid’s playground is a great addition for anyone visiting with family
  • It is a great place to have dejeuner at, dinner not so sure.

Visit Now!

The complete staff at Chamicos is very friendly, and you are going to love the way you are served here. Be it the food, the ambiance or the extra facilities like the games area and playground, and it is the perfect place to spend your time at. Don’t wait and book your table now, and you will not regret it.