Tres Galeones

Manzana 5, lote 19, entre Júpiter sur y Alfa sur. C.P. 77760. Enfrente del ADO, Tulum Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
+52 55 5419 3964
Score: 4.5

Tres Galeones has a very warm and cozy atmosphere that you are sure to love when visiting with anyone. Located 2.3 miles from Tulum Archaeological Site, this restaurant is a great place to devour your favorite seafood at. You must visit this place to make your night memorable and get a lot of pictures. The service is quite fast one of the best things is the food presentation in this restaurant.

There are also gluten-free options available for people who have a restrictive diet but still want to spend time socializing outdoors. The Bar has a widespread variety of drinks, and the food is delicious overall. This place is loved by people of all age groups by far. The place feels very comforting to be at and is always the choice of people who wish to enjoy an evening with their pals, whether they prefer seafood, gluten-free food, or maybe some vegetarian options. There is a big menu to choose from at affordable rates.

Key Highlights

1.- Outdoor Seating is available
2.- Seating available
3.- Serves Alcohol
4.- Full Bar available
5.- Accepts Credit Cards accepted for payments
6.- Table Service available
7.- Reservations can be made in advance

Main Event: The Food: What can we expect?

This beautiful restaurant not only has amazing seafood but is also vegetarian-friendly, and gluten-free options are available. If you are looking for gluten-free restaurants, then this one has to be on your list because of the wide variety they offer for you to choose from. The Latin and Mexican food is something to be trying out definitely.

The tuna, the burritos, the fries, and everything else are served fresh here, and the food is said to be delicious. The zona hotelara Fish is served alongside some great sauces that are nowhere to be found in the town.

It is a great place for dejeuner or dinner, and people love to be here all around the year, especially the winter season, as the whole place is extremely cozy and relaxable. One of the best things here is the vast menu that has so many options to choose from.

Upon visiting, you can expect to be greeted by the very welcoming staff, the food preparation is quick, and standards are maintained.


Traveller Tips

1.- A very cozy atmosphere that is perfect for lunch or dinner with friends
2.- The live music is very soothing to the ears and is a bliss
3.- There are a lot of combination dishes on the menu from Japanese cuisine
4.- The food is served pretty fast, and you do not have to wait for long hours to eat

Get your Table Reserved Now!

Suppose you have in mind planning a great day with your friends but are worried about how to make them all comfortable at a restaurant. Then this is the one as the variety of food served here is amazing. It is the number one place to consider if you love a cozy warm setting for a day out.