Nana Rooftop Bar

Calle Polar Oriente Lote 004, Rooftop, Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
+52 984 231 3630
Beverages available
Score: 4.4

If you are searching for a bar that serves a wide range of cocktails and delicious food in Tulum that also has a sophisticated vibe to it, then Nana Rooftop Bar is the place you must pay a visit to. An audacious and wide-ranging bar where all the drinks, including cocktails, are developed from mezcal that is sourced from diverse districts of the nation, and that is the specialty of this well-known bar. At this gorgeous place, you can have the time of your life in a sophisticated, relaxed, and casual vibe to the beat of a melodic curator that highpoints the most thought-provoking scene of underground electronics.

This is a great place to hang out with friends, and you can take all of them along despite the different food preferences. This is because the place also has vegetarian items on the menu and also serves vegan dishes. So all your plans can be sorted in one place, and you can make everyone happy. The music here is sufficient to keep your guests happy and vibing to the tunes and also enjoy the best Thai and Fusion dishes in town. The vibe is so casual and sophisticated that you can also invite people from your office over, and they will love it.

Key Highlights

  • Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
  • Has melodious music playing at all times
  • The vibe is casual and sophisticated
  • Great bar to invite colleagues over as well
  • Mexican Artisan Tradition can be seen all over the place
  • Friendly staff and owner
  • Wide variety of cocktails

Must-Try: The Thai Fusion Food and Cocktails!

In addition to the varied collection of cocktails that are made with hand-made juices, seasonal fruits and herbs, and various liquors from all over the country; You can also try their widespread menu of mezcal that hunt for to recognizing the Mexican artisan tradition. You can taste all the great flavors in one place.

Apart from that, this bar also serves delicious western and Thai food fusion dishes, so no tourist that visits here feels distant from the food. This is a place where good food and great drinks are sure to make your evening a pleasant time to be in Tulum. Nana’s Crispy Chicken Larb Salad is one of the most famous dishes here and is great for foreigners as the cook has taken care that the spicy dressing is served separately on the side so you can add accordingly, or just submerge chicken pieces completely in it, and then, of course, the Tom Yum Pad Thai noodles that are such a delicacy.

Try their Amazing Cocktails and Food Today!

If you are already in Tulum, then you must visit this place, and if you are arriving anytime soon, then do not forget to add this place to your must-visit list. The customer service here is amazing, and the owner herself is very friendly. It is a great place to have a relaxed evening with friends and family when in Tulum.