QROO 15, Tulum Beach, 77776 Q.R., Mexico
+52 984 217 8728
Food & Beverages available
Score: 4

Do you want to get the most hippie vibes while you visit Tulum? Consider staying at the beach club, Vagalume, for the most authentic Mayan-inspired ambiance. If you want to try delectable Mediterranean cuisine infused with the flavors of today, Vagalume should be your go-to place. If you are someone who lives for and breathes food, try their beef tartare, quail eggs, chive emulsion, and grilled bread for breakfast and experience heaven transcending down to Earth.

Are you tired of working from home? Do you feel like nothing inspires you anymore? Taking a vacation to purge all the work and emotional toxins should be your exorcism from the ghost of your boss. And, there is nothing more relaxing than spending your time by the beach. At Vagalume, Tulum, you can sunbathe or lounge at one of the many terraces or engage in a fun group activity at the club.

Key Highlights 

  • Great hospitality
  • The Vagalume Beach Club features a premium sushi bar and high-end restaurant.
  • You can rent sunbeds, beach chairs, umbrellas, and suites at budget prices.
  • Shares proximity to Mayan Ruins
  • Perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner
  • Airport picks and drops are available.
  • You can try their signature Lobster-Pizza on Sundays.
  • Artisanal cocktails
  • Valet parking
  • Excellent round the clock services
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Vegan options are also available for tourists who follow a strict diet.
  • Versatile cuisines all offered under one roof.
  • The beach club is offering special discounts and deals to individuals in light of the recent pandemic.
  • Vagalume follows a strict policy of cashless transactions. You can pay via a debit card, credit, or a credible digital platform.

Must-Try: Okoru Sushi Bar 

Vagalume’s sushi bar is to die for, and if you are visiting the place for the first time, it is worth a try. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of Japanese food; trying their live-counter sushi is one of the few experiences you would never forget. And what is a trip without adventure and trying something new? Their in-house chef is a seasoned “Itamae” who prepares delectable cuisines with locally sourced ingredients and meat.

The beach club has created a food joint that merits repetitive visits and a loyal following. Do not let the multi-cuisine menu distract you from what you are set out to find. Their sushi menu boasts of fresh tuna, yellow-tail, salmon, and soft-shell crab. You can also try their Prawn Tempura and have your mouth crave its unbeatable flavors for the rest of your life.

Visit Vagalume for an Exceptional Weekend Today! 

There is nothing more rewarding than visiting a city and finding a place that makes you feel at home. If a club makes you feel at home, you will find nothing better than it even if you try. And guess what? Vagalume will make you feel at home. With their exceptional services and refreshing cocktails, you can drown away your sorrows and relax in the scorching sun for a purging bath. Perfect for a weekend getaway, you can take your partner, friends, or family and rent one of their many suites for a family vacation or workcation.