El Pez

QROO 15, Tulum Beach, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
Score: 4.5

The El Pez Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in Tulum is unlike any other and offers some of the best food options made from the freshest ingredients. Visitors can head over to this restaurant to unwind among the natural scenery and vibrant ambiance.

The El Pez restaurant in Tulum does it all, from serving healthy and fulfilling breakfasts to unique cocktails and luscious dinner for the night. The dishes at this place are prepared with special care under the strict eye of young chef Dante Osmani Cardena.

You can expect to see many techniques and traditions in the food options offered in the restaurant menu. If you are looking for fantastic seafood or any other good food, head over to El Pez restaurant!

Key Highlights 

  • The El Pez restaurant is a seaside lounge and bar, which is why you can expect to eat excellent seafood items prepared from the freshest ingredients.
  • The menu has tons of dishes for people who are looking for vegetarian and vegan options.
  • There are also gluten-free options available in abundance.
  • The restaurant is located close to the famous Tulum Archaeological site.
  • The restaurant is also well-regarded for its extensive collection of refreshing drinks and other appetizers.

Main Event: The Food 

  • Breakfast – Juices, Smoothies, and More

El Pez Restaurant in Tulum has something for everyone. For breakfast, guests can take their pick from tons of healthy options including, oatmeal, fruit bowls, eggs, pancakes, and so forth.

Freshly squeezed juices are another highlight of this restaurant. There are tons of smoothies as well, which will greatly appeal to the guests.

Besides a healthy breakfast, guests can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea in this seaside restaurant.

  • Lunch – An Extensive Collection of Local Options

If you want to experience the local cuisine of Tulum made from the healthiest ingredients, you should include El Pez Restaurant in your travel itinerary. You can take your pick from ceviches, tacos, quesadillas, salads, and so much more. The young chef at the restaurant puts a modern twist on these traditional food items.

There are also other western options including, fish and chips, burgers, burritos, and so forth. Dessert options are also available in abundance for visitors with a sweet tooth.

  • A Delicious Dinner

After spending a large part of the day traveling through Tulum, guests can indulge in a friendly and filling dinner at El Pez Restaurant. You can look forward to some dinner options, including shrimp ravioli, the special El Pez burger, vegetable risotto, grilled fish, etc. Dessert options include ice cream, tart, pavlova, and more.

  • Refreshing Drinks

From healthy juices and smoothies that can help you start the day on a fresh note to alcoholic beverages to help you unwind, there is no shortage of drinking options at the El Pez restaurant.

What Can We Expect? 

At El Pez, you can treat yourself to some unique as well as conventional food options. In addition, you can sip a drink or two and watch the day go by as the restaurant is situated in a highly picturesque location.

Traveler Tips 

  • Visitors should check out the drinking options as they are popular among the regulars.
  • The restaurant can be a tad bit too expensive. However, you will be delighted with the food, drinks, service, and ambiance.

To Sum Up 

If you want to end your trip to Tulum on a great note, a visit to the El Paz restaurant is highly recommended. This restaurant offers some of the best dishes and drinks in Tulum. In addition, the service is exemplary, and you get to enjoy a stunning view as well!