Tulum Archeological Site

One of the most ancient archaeological sites globally, Tulum, is located on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This stunning site overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Thanks to some fantastic historical ruins and natural scenery, both outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs can have a great time at this beautiful place.

The term “Tulum” translates to the wall, and it is a reference to the site being a walled city in ancient times. In addition, the place is of historical significance due to it being a trading port in the past.

There are more than 60 reserved temples in the area. The El Castillo building takes up a peculiar spot on the cliff. Visitors can also have a gala time at the beaches and check out other hidden wonders.

Read on to learn more about the features which make this site so unique!

Why Should You Visit Tulum Archaeological Site? 

  • The El Castillo Castle 

According to historians, this building served as a navigational aid for ancient visitors and largely contributed to old trading.

  • The Temple of the Frescoes 

There are numerous temples in the area, but the most notable one is the temple of the Frescoes. The temple’s interior is adorned with stunning Mayan Frescoes in the colours blue, green, and black. They are of religious significance and denote the Mayan gods.

  • The Lovely Beach 

Tulum Archaeological Site is a hit with outdoor enthusiasts due to its proximity to the Caribbean Sea. In addition, the beach on the site is one of the most noteworthy ones along the Mayan Riviera. Visitors can treat themselves to a refreshing swim after checking out the ruins, or they can bask under the sun on the beach.

  • Xel-Ha Park 

The Xel-Ha park is well-suited for adventure enthusiasts who can perform a wide range of activities including, Snorkeling and so forth.

  • Check Out the Cenotes 

The Cenotes in Tulum are natural wonders that are worth a visit. The main attraction is the Grand Cenote, but visitors can also take the popular Xenotes tour and check out the four main cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Travellers’ Tips: What You Should Keep in Mind? 

  • Ways to Get to the Site 

The Tulum Archaeological site is located close to Cancun, which is a hit with visitors. It is, therefore, recommended that outdoor enthusiasts visit the spot as a part of a day trip from the city. You can see this place as a part of a tour to the Xel-Ha Park or take the tour bus.

You can also take a tram from the parking lot for a negligible fee. The parking lot is located only half a mile from the archaeological site.

  • Visiting Hours 

The travellers can visit the spot anytime between 8 am to 5 pm and check out the natural and historical wonders at the place.

  • Visiting Fees 

Adults have to pay 70 pesos to enjoy the wonders of the Tulum Archaeological Site. However, children below 13 can enjoy the visit for free. Visitors will have to pay an extra fee to take in a video camera for usage.

  • Guided Tours 

There are licensed tour guides who wear an ID card issued by the Mexican Tourism Security. They can guide you through the site and help you learn more about the place.