Zamna Festival

Are you excited to plan a visit to one of the unique festivals in Tulum? If yes, then Zamna Festival will never miss an opportunity to surprise you with the best of what it has to offer you! Well, the city of Tulum is not only famous because of its people and lifestyle but also for the fantastic festivals that happen throughout the year in the city. Be it a famous festival in Mexico or the shopping or cultural events, every celebration here has a touch of zest do it. From artistic exhibitions to cool festivals and happening music fests, Tulum has got it all! So if you are here for a fest, then make sure to attend the Zamna Festival this year which is going to organize from 28 December 2023 to 13 January 2024.

Whether on an island in the middle of a jungle or a secret Lagoon, or inside a cenote, you can surely immerse yourself in a musical and amazing experience in the magical Tulum. The Zamna Festival 2024 is a referent in the music industry with 7 editions that have proven to be a unique festival with the best artists worldwide and the best sound system. On your visit to this top-notch festival in Tulum, make sure to open your mind because the music here can do amazing things.

The new season of the Zamna Festival will be mesmerizing with an extensive calendar and multiple daytime events, and various evening events. Zamna currently has constant musical programming throughout the whole year, but undoubtedly, its peak is the Winter season. The daytime and night parties here will once again combine beach with jungle.

Circoloco, at Zamna Festival!!

The 2023-24 festival is the eighth Zamna festival confirmation for its January 2024 season. With almost 25 years of history, Circoloco is for sure one of the most iconic electronic music brands throughout the world. This year, the Zamna festival will host this giant for the first time on the night event on 8th January, 2024, at the paradisiacal cenote Zamna Tulum.

Afterlife Tulum 2024

On January 4 t& 6, Afterlife will take you on the most epic musical odyssey yet staged right in the heart of Tulum’s jungle, located in the most wonderful places in the world; Zamna Tulum will feature two stages for this spectacular show. Get ready to begin 2024 with a breathtaking journey in this amazing location.

Zamna Festival: The Most Awaited Fest of Tulum!!

This year, Zamna Festival will bring in renowned artists from all around the world and will perfectly collaborate with the top brands like Keinemusik, Afterlife and Circoloco. Here in this fest, you can expect an amazing atmosphere, incredible sound and light productions, eye-catching performances, and a memorable festival experience that you will never forget!

So, book your tickets for Zamna Festival now and wait until the fun begins!! Indeed, you will have a cheerful time here with your friends and loved ones.