km 200, México 307, 77760 Tulum, Qro., Mexico
+52 984 745 2631
Beverages available
Score: 4.4

It’s situated down 307 street on the southwest side of Tulum proper, where it is situated hidden in the middle of the Yucatan forests. In actual fact, the site itself is not much of a bar and rather more of a surrounded retreat in the wildernesses, whole – and there is the piece de resistance – with its private and secluded cenote! The place is spread over an area of 11 hectares in total and can accommodate more than a thousand people when an event is going on there. It is a great place to spend your weekend with your friends. Something different from the common pubs all across the country when we talk about nightlife.

You will not find anything happening here in silence, and therefore it is best to visit with your group. This is much more of a self-sufficient social life events site which also acts as a festival ground, with a huge number of people arriving at events and leaving late the next morning or booking a stay. It is a complete package for a getaway and is a major attraction for youngsters from all over the world.

Key Highlights 

  • Many operational bars in one go, so regular availability of drinks
  • The rooms are very spacious and beautiful
  • Great to relax in nature and beauty
  • The reservation and cancellation are very easy to be done
  • The food and drinks are something that everyone loves
  • An absolutely Instagram worthy place
  • The festivals are the liveliest things happening here
  • Well-known musicians from around the globe have performed here

Must-Try: Zamna Festival Tulum and other Events

The Zamna Festival Tulum is not something to miss when at this resort. The Zamna Festival is a great electronic experience that is held at this very beautiful location that is situated right in the heart of Tulum. In recent years Zamna Tulum has to turn out to become the assembly point for an extensive diversity of melodious events together with some of the most admired electronic music gatherings in the world.

When we talk about events, huge, laser-lit blowouts are a common sight here, and these are the order of the day at Zamna Tulum. These events have hosted some of the biggest DJs, and EDM/techno acts in Tulum and also have the pricing set accordingly, but it is worth it in the end. Some of the earlier acts comprise the likes of Paul Kalkbrenner and Damian Lazarus, accompanied by lots of other well-known people in the music industry from all over the world. The vibe is very lively and is sure to keep anyone who visits hooked to the beats.

Visit Zama Tulum for your Upcoming Plan with Pals!

Make plans for your upcoming weekend and pay a visit to the beautiful venue. Or perhaps when the next even dates are out. Zamna Tulum is surely a venue that you must visit when in the city. It is sure to offer you an experience that will be above your expectations. Get in touch with them for reservations now.