Biking in Tulum

Tulum is one of those places that you can not miss traveling. With its incredible archaeological Ruins, fancy beaches, and upscale nightlife. Tulum is a perfect destination for travelers looking for a fantastic getaway! Situated south of Cancun on magnificent Mexico’s Riviera Maya on the Yucatan peninsula. It has established itself as one of the trendy spots for those searching for festive and eco-friendly holidays.

Because of Tulum’s enormous fame, it might go without saying that Tulum is a tropical paradise. Of course, Tulum’s exotic beach and infinite magical cenotes are must-do activities, but  One of the most fun ways to explore Tulum is by biking. You can rent a bike and ride along with the main tourist attractions covered with tremendous resorts, shops, and diners. To your surprise, there are a lot of beach resorts in Tulum that will either offer bikes as part of their reservation or provide bikes for rent at affordable prices.

Where to Rent Bikes in Tulum?

  • Ola Bike Tulum: Ola Bike is one of the most famous bike rentals in Tulum. You will spot iconic blue color bikes with pink baskets almost everywhere in Tulum! You can rent an Ola Bike in Tulum for 24 hours.  You can even book them online or go pick one up in person. Their hours of working are 9 AM – 7 PM.
  • iBike Tulum: iBike Tulum is another nifty bike rental in Tulum. You can find them on Ave. Their working hours are between 8 AM – 5 PM; however, they are closed on Sundays. They are a tad more costly and have a lower star rating than Ola Bikes, but they still are famous for having good bike rentals. It will cost you around $11-$14 USD if you decide to rent them for 24 hours.
  • Ryde Electric: Ryde Electric is a new bike rental in Tulum that provides electric scooters and electric bicycles for rent. Everyday rental prices start at 400 pesos per day that is approx. USD 20. Moreover, you will get a lock and a helmet for safety! They offer hotel pickups and dropoffs too. Their hours of operation are 9:30 AM – 7 PM.

Safety tips:

Biking in and around Tulum is pretty straightforward. Here are several safety tips to bear in mind when biking in Tulum:

  • Always remember to lock your bike
  • Wearing a helmet is important
  • Pack reusable water bottles with you
  • Be careful when crossing car lanes that join the bike path
  • Watch out for potholes; they can be dangerous
  • Avoid going for a bike ride at night
  • Avoid biking in the rainy season as the roads can become slippery.

Experience Biking In Tulum!

Biking in the Tulum is the most exciting and fun way to explore the town life like never before, wander side streets, and get from one place to the other in a flash. You can follow the bike path down the Main and stop between boho shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants, or wander the local streets to discover the hidden corners of the town!