Turtle Watching

In the past few years, Tulum, a small town in Mexico, has rightly established itself as one of Mexico’s prominent beach destinations. Featuring stunning Mayan ruins facing the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, fancy nightclubs, and lip-smacking traditional Mayan food.

But one of the most exciting things about Tulum is that it is home to astonishing sea turtles. People worldwide head to Tulum to have the incredible snorkeling experience with sea turtles and witness the breathtaking turtle hatching in the nesting season. Turtles are one of the significant symbols of the sea. Calm and funny by nature, they are one of the fascinating creatures underwater. Of the seven species in the world, the green sea turtle can regularly be spotted when swimming and diving under the sea.

Snorkeling with turtles

Snorkeling with sea turtles is unarguably one of the most popular things in Tulum with the wild sea turtles in Akumal. It’s so thrilling because Akumal is one of the few places in the world where you can snorkel with turtles. Diving with turtles is a magical experience that will stay with you forever.

Things to keep in mind when snorkeling with turtles

  • Be calm when swimming up to a turtle and remain as quiet as possible because loud noises may scare them away.
  • Divers and snorkelers must minimize splashing and talking while swimming with sea turtles.
  • Try not to disrupt the turtle’s natural behavior.
  • Ensure not to bother or disturb resting turtles and always maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from them.
  • Do not try to chase the turtles. It can induce severe stress on the turtles and scare them.
  • Do not touch them. Turtles are susceptible when it comes to touch. They can feel your touch and may not like being touched.

Nesting season

Sea Turtles are one of the oldest species and have been around for more than 150 million years.Β  Their hatching season usually begins in May and stretches to October. Female sea turtles swim enormous distances worldwide and always return to lay their eggs to the same place where they hatched previously. The wonderful, sugary sand beaches of Tulum are ideal for the requirements desired by the Green Sea Turtles.

Things to keep in mind when sighting the nesting process

  • Please be very quiet, do not disturb turtles in any way.
  • Do not flash camera lights at them as it may scare them away.
  • If the female sea turtle does not feel safe, they will return to the sea and abort their eggs.

Plan a trip to Tulum and have the spectacular turtle watching experienceΒ 

Tulum is a fantastic place if you want to have the best experience of turtle watching. You can swim with the sea turtles, or you can witness the magical sea turtle hatching process. However, keep in mind that sea turtles are conserved by Mexican law and international agreements. It is illegal to offend them, harm or hunt them and consume their meat or eggs. They are now categorized as one of the most Vulnerable or Endangered Species. When visiting Tulum, Respect, admire, and preserve nature in all its forms. Love and protect the sea turtles during turtle watching.