Wild Monkey Tour

When you search for Tulum anywhere, the place that comes as a must-visit is the Punta Laguna Nature Reserve and its wild monkey tour. It is known as the home of Spider Monkey and the Puma; this nature reserve has a blue lagoon and a sprawling jungle with a huge biodiversity. You will be able to experience Yucatan’s natural flora and fauna while on this tour conducted by the Nature Reserve.

For all the nature lovers out there, the best way to experience this tour is by going with a local guide who’ll guide you through the jungle. You’ll be able to feel the beauty of this place when you see the creatures living there, such as monkeys, tropical birds, and iguanas.

Most of the tour providers will give you an air-conditioned pick-up and drop facility from your hotel and Tulum so that you can get the maximum out of this tour with the least amount of hassle. Most of them also cover the Nature Reserve’s entry fee in their ticket price, together with bottled water and some snacks.

Although the tour goes on for about four hours, there’s very little walking of about half a kilometer involved. Of course, you’ll be able to get a bag full of “Instagram” photos from this fun-filled tour.

Things to Carry on Wild Monkey Tour

All you need to carry on this Monkey tour are a few basic things, and you are good to go. On top of this, you can bring other items as per your comfort zone. Below is the list of must-carry items for the tour:

  • Comfortable walking shoes will help you retain your energy for a longer time
  • A hat to protect you from the sun, which can be harsh on some days
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen to save your eyes and skin in case the Sun is shining at its might
  • A water bottle to keep yourself hydrated
  • A camera is an optional thing depending on your interest, but it’s highly suggested as you’ll be able to spot rare animals and birds on your tour

Some Tips for Wild Monkey Tour

Although the tour is a fun-filled experience for most of the tourist, some of the tips mentioned below will ensure that you get the best out of your time and money while on this monkey tour:

  • You’ll be able to spot various rare animals such as Spider monkeys and Howler monkeys. It is best to avoid carrying eatables while on the tour as monkeys may sometimes get attracted to the food items
  • Most people get attracted to the foods items they like on any tour. However, to get the best essence of the place, you must try the local foods and drinks at all times possible
  • Its best to carry some cash at all times as you might need it in case of an unforeseen emergency, but avoid carrying too much of it
  • The nature reserve houses more than 30 Mayan houses, which adds to a total of more than 100 villagers who organize various activities in the nature reserve to protect their cultural heritage. You shouldn’t miss a single chance to get to know more about them.

With all the tips above, you’ll surely enjoy the time of your life you are in the Nature Reserve. It will surely be a memorable experience on your trip to the Caribbean.