Do you want to explore one of the best theme parks near Tulum? If you have nodded in a big “Yes,” Xelha is the perfect destination for you. It offers the best holiday experience as you get to do unlimited snorkeling, drinks, and food while you are able to observe beautifully and a great diversity of marine life. It is safe to mention that at Xelha, you will be able to discover some parts of heaven on earth.

The far you look in Xelha, you will get to perceive the limitless secrets that mother earth keeps under each rock and leaf. If you and your family are a big-time lover of thrilling water and land activities, then Xelha is all that you should visit while being in Mexico. Whether you are looking for something calming or satisfy your hunger with delicious food, each corner of the park has something unique to offer.

Things To Do At Xelha:

In a theme park-like Xelha, you can choose to take the greatest advantages when you explore and enjoy all the major attractions of the place. Some of the most thrilling activities of Xelha are mentioned below:

  • Snorkeling:

The depths of underground caves and mangroves’ freshwater makes a perfect environment for snorkeling. The mix of salt and fresh water with a large variety of marine species and vegetation at Xelha will make your snorkeling experience memorable. But, if you prefer a relaxed ride and still want to observe the breathtaking landscapes, then you can take individual and double inner tubes.

  • Caves:

What makes Mayan Cave unique is that it is covered with a cenote. The more you move forward to explore the caves, the waters will unveil a mysticism of the past. At Xelha, these caves are treated as a sacred place, where the water transfers energy by its natural acoustics and lighting, which leads to a state of relaxation and peace.

  • Cliff Climb:

Cliff climbing with cracks and ropes will unleash the fearless side of you. The cliff of courage is five meters high; once you reach the top, you must dare to jump the challenging height and fall into the turquoise waters.

  • Trepachanga:

It is yet another thrilling activity where you can test your balance with the Trepachanga by walking over the refreshing waters of Xelha. The activity involves walking between two ropes apart and suspended over the river. All you have to do is try not to fall while crossing the ropes.

  • Zip Lining:

Slide on some zip lines, and you will end up landing in the fresh and crystalline waters of Xelha. You’ll get to sit in a hammock to feel the speed as you slip along the ropes across the river. It is a fun activity that comprises a single circuit with sox zip lines. It is a must-try activity of Xelha Park.

Xelha is indeed an excellent theme park to enjoy as there’s something unique for everyone. Make sure that you add this place to your itinerary so that you can enjoy the most of your trip!