History, adventure, and culture can be all found in a single trip to Tulum. You can happily spend your entire day in Tulum, relaxing and burying your toes in the white sand and gazing at the dreamlike shades of blue in the ocean. Else you can explore the Mayan jungle through zip lining.

Ziplining is the best way to experience the surreal forest and natural beauty of Tulum. You’ll feel like a birdie in flight as you soar over the greenery and glide across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. However, if you haven’t tried zip lining before, then you may have some second thoughts in mind. But you don’t have to panic because all the zip-lining tours in Tulum are safe.

It unquestionably offers a rush of adrenaline and thrill, but it is not scary if you are well equipped. Even if you are feeling a little dicey about trying this outdoor activity, your fear will melt away within a few seconds once the zip-lining adventure begins. To make the most out of your zip lining experience, make sure that you listen carefully to your instructors.

Places to Experience Zip Lining in Tulum:

Now that you are convinced that zip-lining should be a part of your itinerary, below are some of the places in Tulum where you will get the best zip lining experience:

Selva Maya Eco Adventure:

You can spend some time away from Tulum’s gorgeous beach and live your fearless side in the middle of the Riviera Maya to release your adventuring self. It is a 7 km ride into the Mayan jungle, where you can enjoy a canopy of nine zip lines. It is a perfect destination for someone who wants to try zip lining for the first time.

  • Adventure Tours:

Be it pristine turquoise waters of the sea or the ancient Mayan Ruins; you can experience the best zip lining with Adventure tours. You’ll get to zip line deep in the forest with connecting ropes and hanging bridges. All the tours include group guide, lunch, equipment rent, and pickups in Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

  • GoNativo Tours:

You can trust GoNativo tours as your advisor for adventures like zip-lining, snorkeling, culture, and history. They only take small groups of 12 travelers on tours so that you get to experience everything in a guided manner. On selected destinations, you will be able to explore the rich beauty of Riviera Maya.

Some Tips for Zip Lining in Tulum:

  • If you are in a group, you will get discounts if there are around ten or more people. So, it’s better to take along your friends and family members along with you
  • As you will be getting a lot of sun exposure, it’s recommended that you should apply sunscreen to protect yourself
  • As zip lining is considered an adventure sport, it’s recommended that you wear close-toed shoes and modest clothing as it will protect your body from any injury whatsoever

By now, you must be ready to explore this fun activity. So, make sure that you do not miss out zip lining on your trip to Tulum!