Be Tulum

Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km.10, Tulum Beach, Zona Hotelera, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
+52 984 689 0577
Food & Beverages available
Score: 4.4

Do you want to heal from the emotional scars this pandemic left on your soul? Taking a vacation is one of the most fun ways to purge your mind of all the toxins and negativity. And what better place than discovering the good old Tulum? However, you will need an excellent hotel recommendation before you set foot in the city. As a result, here it is—your ultimate healer; Be Tulum.

From the Agua Master Suite to the Jungle House, Be Tulum has a suite for the liking of every customer. If this were a Harry Potter book and the hotel were to be a character, it would be the Minister of Magic. The sheer ability to whip up exceptional suites for their customers is beyond the likeness of any hotel.

Apart from that, there are two proprietary restaurants – Maresias and Ocumare. Both restaurants offer an exceptional insight into the Yucatan Peninsula. The hotel staff works closely with local fishers to source freshly caught fishes, oysters, classic tiraditos, and traditional raw ceviches. You can pair your delectable dish with a light salad and organic vegetables seasoned with freshly chopped herbs and spices.

Key Highlights 

  • Around the clock services
  • Excellent housekeeping and bar services
  • Valet parking with a dedicated space for private parking
  • The hotel features an in-house wellness and spa center.
  • Be Tulum lets tourists enjoy a carbon-neutral stay.
  • The beach club follows every precaution in light of the pandemic and its severe consequences.
  • Their furniture pieces are handcrafted and leave zero carbon footprint
  • Exceptional beach view from the resort.
  • You can rent chairs, sunbeds, couches, umbrellas, and poles for an exotic day at the beach club.
  • Stellar cocktails served through the evening
  • An in-house restaurant that offers an inter-continental menu
  • You can rent a villa or design your own room as per your liking.
  • Reservations to the in-house restaurant are open even if you are not staying at the hotel.
  • Be Tulum is a cashless hotel, and all transactions are made through either a debit card or credit card.
  • There is a minimum consumption policy at the hotel of $100 USD.

Must-Try: Ocumare Restaurant 

A fine-dining tribute to Mexico’s rich heritage, Ocumare is a must-try when staying at Be Tulum. You cannot be present at the same property and not try fish with guajillo and chocolate pinole. The restaurant sources all vegetables and meat from their organic garden. It functions as a sustainable food program launched in association with the Yucatan communities. Ocumare is famous for its curated mixology and cocktails. With a boutique selection of world-class wines, their in-house sommelier will recommend you the best bottle that will go with the dish you ordered.

Experience Luxury with Be Tulum 

If you want to visit Tulum the luxurious way, consider staying at Be Tulum and experience everything high-end. From Mexican-rooted cuisine to an array of villas and beach houses available, you will be spoiled for choices at Be Tulum. And if you are really visiting the city for a purge, what better way than to treat yourself luxuriously to forget all the woes of life!