Casa Cenote

An incredible stretch of beaches along Mexico’s eastern coastline, Tulum is a well-known place for travelers looking for a relaxing vacation for a good reason. In contrast to the high-end luxury resorts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Tulum is a refreshing and rustic tourist spot. You’ll spend your days here chewing on fresh fish tacos, doing yoga overlooking the freshwater, and having the wonderful Cenote experience.

Stunning freshwater caves or sinkholes cascaded with light, the cenotes of Riviera Maya, Tulum are a natural marvel and a sight to behold. Though several Cenotes throughout the region, Casa Cenote stands out as one of our top choices. It is primarily open to the sky, less enclosed than neighboring cenotes, and is home to diverse aquatic life. The Casa cenote connects one of the world’s enormous underwater river systems to the ocean. Because of this reason, you can spot both fresh and saltwater fish.

The Facilities At Casa Cenote, Tulum

Casa Cenote is a true bliss for snorkelers and divers. The cenote is no more than 6 meters wide, but if you plan to dive in, you can begin from the cenote and dive your way to the shore on the other side of the road.

  • Availability of restrooms and equipment? The bathrooms and changing rooms are easily accessible on the site. There is a small diving store nearby from where you can purchase or rent essential diving equipment at lower prices for divers. You can bring your gear along with you; however, you must pay the entrance fee.
  • Where to eat? If you are planning a day trip to Casa Cenote, You can pack your snacks and drinks with you, or you can visit the restaurant in front of the Casa cenote, which offers a delicious menu at affordable prices.
  • How to reach? Located in Tankah Tres, Mexico, only 90 minutes south of Cancun city, Casa Cenote sits in a mangrove forest near the sea. It can be thought of as almost an underwater wilderness with its algae-rich mangrove forest and soft sands.
  • How much does it cost?  The entrance fee is only 150.00 pesos per person, and the cost of a life jacket is included, but to obtain other snorkel gear, you have to spend extra money.
  • Opening hours: It is open daily from 09:00 am – 05:00 pm.

Visit Casa Cenote Tulum Today For An Amazing Experience! 

Casa Cenote or Cenote Manatí is our top recommendation if you are wandering near Riviera Maya. It is a 100% family-friendly destination, quite reasonable, and has a relatively accessible location. Casa Cenote By far is one of the finest Cenote sites to visit and lately one of the favorite spots for snorkelers. It is one of the most beautiful places to dive and swim, with areas that are not as intense. Whether you visit the Mexican Caribbean to relax, explore, eat and drink your way through paradise, plan a day trip to Casa Cenote to have the best time of your life.