Cenote Nicte Ha

Located near Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Cenote Nicte-Ha is a picturesque cenote that offers a peaceful and tranquil experience. Unlike other nearby cenotes, this one is less populated by tourists and is the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Swimming in Cenote Nicte-Ha 

One of the lesser-known cenotes, Cenote Nicte-Ha, isn’t less beautiful by any means. If anything, the quiet and calm atmosphere adds to the charm. The water is a stunning turquoise colour, and it looked like a small lake. The water body is filled with lily pads, and it is surrounded on the sides by lush jungles.

There is even a small cave-like structure of the cenote which is fun to swim around. For the convenience of visitors, a rope has been placed which connects the two ends of the cenote.

Rustic washrooms are a unique feature of the Cenote Nicte Ha. There is also a bench on the boardwalk near the cenote wherein you can leave your belongings before you go for a swim.

How Can Travellers Get to Cenote Nicte-Ha from Tulum? 

You can get to Cenote Nicte-Ha from Tulum via colectivo or Taxi. The former is an excellent idea for people who want to save some money on their trip. You can also find a taxi from Tulum to the cenote at any hour of the day.

Colectivos can carry around 12 passengers simultaneously and is an excellent option for people wishing to travel like a local. As you stand along the main avenue in the town, you can get into any colectivo passing down Highway 307 (East). Generally, they start running at the early hours of the day and continue running until the late hours of the night. Once you get into the van, you can ask the driver to drop you at Cenote Dos Ojos. The journey will take around 25 minutes. From Cenote Dos Ojos, it is a 20 minute walk to Cenote Nicte-Ha.

You can also hire a taxi as they run down the main avenue as well. You can ask the driver to drop you off at Cenote Dos Ojos, and you can walk to your location after. However, you may have to pay around 70 to 80 pesos for your trip from Tulum via Taxi.

Things to Know 

The following tips can ensure a hassle-free journey to the beautiful Cenote Nicte-Ha near the town of Tulum. Read on to learn more:

  • If you are hoping to save some money on your travels, we recommend taking a Colectivo to the location.
  • The Cenote Nicte-Ha stays open from 9 AM to 4 PM.
  • Admission fees will cost 100 pesos or around 5 USD. In addition, there are other payments that you may need to make on your journey. It would be best if you took a decent amount of cash with you.
  • There are no lockers available. However, visitors can leave their belongings in the small wooden dock area at the cenote’s edge.
  • There are basic restrooms and changing rooms available in the area.
  • The journey from Tulum to Cenote Nicte-Ha may take around 20 to 25 minutes.