Indeed, Mexico is one of the hottest tourist places because of its serene beauty and warm atmosphere. So, you’ve been to Tulum and Cancun, then consider planning a day trip to Bacalar. It is located on the southernmost side of Quintana Roo, which is the southeastern state that borders the magnificent Caribbean Sea. Although there is an absence of an actual beach, yet Bacalar makes a splendid tourist destination.

As soon as you arrive at the Pueblo Magico, i.e., Magical Town of Bacalar, you’ll experience an optical illusion created by myriad shades of blue water; it ranges from the deepest shade of blue to turquoise and crystal-like waters. Don’t consider it a miracle because it is sheer reality. Pueblo Magico sits on the shores of magical Laguna de Los Siete Colores, which is also known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors.

Things to Do in Bacalar

You’ll never run out of options to pack your day at this stunning destination. Here are a few great options that you can consider to add to your itinerary while booking your vacation package with a travel agency:

  1. Have a boat tour:

Let’s just put it straight that it would be nothing less than a crime to discover Bacalar without exploring out onto Laguna de Bacalar. It’s one of the delightful ways to relax and simply gaze at the beautiful surroundings for a few hours. The waters with the bed of white lake limestone are bound to leave you to amaze.

  1. Paddle Boarding:

If you want to explore with some adventure, then consider paddleboarding. Once you manage to find the sense of balance on the board and stand, it will be terrific for you to enjoy the beauty of Laguna Bacalar as there is so much to see in the lovely blue waters.

  1. Discover the Ruins of Kohunlich:

If you can travel about an hour away from Bacalar, you can explore the ruins of the Mayan City of Kohunlich. The place is worth your time as you get to immerse yourself in the lush jungle. The temple was found over a century ago as it dates back to 200 BC.

  1. San Joaquin Parish Church:

Near the Plaza Principal in Bacalar, Parroquia de San Joaquin is located; it was built in the eighteenth century and came under many landmarks in the town. You can wander around the place and visit the House of the International Writer as well.

  1. Fort San Felipe:

Fuertes San Felipe is an amazing stone structure. There’s a remarkable moat around the Fort, which has walls that offer great views over the Laguna de Bacalar. You can also visit the Costa Maya Museum, where you can explore the historical murals showing the history of Bacalar.

Some Traveling Tips: Things to know before traveling to Bacalar

  • You can’t book any cheap airline tickets to Bacalar. However, you can book plane tickets for the nearby airport and then travel by bus, rental car, or shuttle
  • You can either book a resort, hotel, or a cheap hostel for your stay in Bacalar. No matter if you are on honeymoon or just a backpacker, Bacalar has something for every tourist
  • You will find many restaurants specialized in locally-grown ingredients. There are several restaurants that cater to vegans and vegetarians

Bacalar is indeed a great destination for a vacation, whether you are going for a solo trip or with your loved ones. So call your travel agency today and book your vacation package!