Coba Ruins

According to experts, Coba Ruins in Yucatan Peninsula are of great archaeological importance. It looks very different from other Mayan cities wherein the Mayans constructed buildings out of sandstone and limestone. The outer walls of the building were intricately designed with carved images and sculptures. Meanwhile, the interiors displayed murals that denote battles, rulers, and religion.

“Coba” translates to “Waters stirred by the Wind”, which references the two huge lagoons surrounding the area. Unfortunately, archaeologists did not learn about the site until the mid-1800s, and the site has remained mainly unexcavated to this day. The latter adds to the appeal of the popular tourist spot.

In 1973, the Coba Ruins were opened to the public as a tourist spot and had gone on to welcome tons of visitors every year since then. Read on to learn more about why you should visit Coba Ruins for your travel itinerary!

Why Should You Visit the Coba Ruins? 

  • Different from Other Archaeological Sites

A large number of sites in the area are connected to a central location or the central pyramid, which makes it different from other archaeological sites, including Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, and Tulum.

  • The Nohoch Mul Pyramid 

This pyramid is the tallest wonder on the site at a whopping height of 137 feet. Thanks to the 120 steps which lead to the top of the pyramid, visitors can enjoy the whole pyramid experience. It is also the second-highest pyramid in the world.

The view from the top of the Nohoch Mul Pyramid will stay with you forever as you can take in the surrounding jungles. However, if you are old or have health problems, experts recommend against participating in the climb.

  • Visit the Coba Group and the Macanxoc Group 

The Coba group is an extensive collection of sites near the entrance to the site. The Iglesia structure is the most popular with tourists. There are also several ball courts in the area.

Meanwhile, the Macanxoc group includes eight stelaes and other notable altars. The former serves as proof of the site’s religious history.

  • Sacbes 

The Sacbes are white roads used to access the urban settlements in Coba during ancient times. The Mayans constructed these roads to allow commercial activities, and there are at least 50 Sacbes in the area.

Travellers’ Tips: What You Should Keep in Mind? 

  • Fees and Visiting Hours 

Visitors will have to pay 80 Mexican pesos if they wish to check out the area. You can visit the tourist spot at anytime between 8 am to 5 pm.

  • The Best Time to Visit Coba

Experts recommend paying a visit during the early hours of the day to avoid the crowd. This is because the location can get crowded during mid-day. Meanwhile, visiting the area at around 8 am will allow you to climb up the famous Nohoch Mul Pyramid and enjoy the view at peace.

  • Ways to Explore the Area 

You can check out the area on foot or rent a bike to get around the ruins. Renting a bike is easy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either. It costs around 50 Mexican pesos or $2.6 per person.