Benito Juarez Day

Benito Juarez Day is a public holiday that celebrates the birthday of Benito Juarez, a 19th-century president and statesman of Mexico who stood confidently against the French intervention in Mexico. The Benito Juarez Day is considered as a national holiday in Mexico and is celebrated on the third Monday in the month of March, i.e., March 21st.

History of Benito Juarez Day 

The great leader Benito Juarez was born on March 21st, 1806, and is remembered today as a reformer who was fully dedicated to democracy. With his efforts, he was successful in reducing the influence of the Catholic Church in Mexican politics, campaigning for equal rights for indigenous people, and promoting the defense of national sovereignty.

Benito Juarez lived during the most crucial periods of Mexican history. It is truly a reflection on his importance to Mexico that Benito Juarez is the only Mexican to have his birthday as a national holiday. The Benito Juarez Day is an annual public holiday which is dedicated to the Mexican politician who has served as the president of Mexico for five terms. This national hero is highly known for making reforms in order to create a democratic federal republic.

The city of Ciudad Juarez, located in Northern Mexico, is named after the beloved leader, who is to date the only full-blooded native to ever serve as the best president. Today, Benito Juarez is remembered every year close to the time of his birthday on this special day which is celebrated by a plethora of activities like fireworks, dances, competitions, tournaments, etc. On Benito Juarez Day, it is customary for many schools, banks, and government offices to be closed. So, always make sure to plan ahead if you are going to travel to Mexico on this day.

Celebrate Benito Juarez Day 

When it comes to celebrating Benito Juarez Day, a few political events occur to celebrate the birthday. The birth city of Benito Juarez, i.e., San Pablo Guelatao, hosts a wide range of fun activities like contests, tournaments, popular dance, fireworks, and much more to honor him.

The Benito Juarez Day is a public holiday in Mexico with government offices, banks, and many businesses closed as people this day celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Benito Juarez, a person who rose from humble origins with a view to occupying the Presidency of the Republic on various occasions during the second half of 19th century.

As Benito Juarez Day is a federal public holiday in Mexico, all the people who are intending to travel via public transport in Mexico must check with the public transit authorities on any changes in the timetable or route changes.

So, get ready to celebrate Benito Juarez Day next year on 21st March!!