Xplore Fuego

Are you looking for a thrilling adventure experience in Tulum? If yes, then you can halt your search at Xplor Fuego. It is the most popular adventure park that is located near Riviera Maya, i.e., south of Playa Del Carmen. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities full of adrenaline, such as riding on Rafts over Stalactite Rivers, zip-lining, swimming, drive around lush jungles in all-terrain vehicles, and much more.

You will get to enjoy all the activities at Xplor Fuego during evening and night, which indeed adds up more thrill. Whether you are on vacation with friends or family, you can plan a visit with pretty much everyone, including kids and old-age people. Given the number of fun activities and amazing food, Xplor Fuego offers something for everyone.

A ticket to Xplor Fuego will cost you around $90 for adults and just $45 for kids. But if you are seriously craving some cool outdoor adventure activities, then this place is worth every penny. You can save a little amount on your tickets with an early booking discount. So, make sure that you add Xplor Fuego to your itinerary and book in advance.

Things to Do At Xplor Fuego

Xplor Fuego remains open from Monday to Saturday between 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Apart from the outdoor activities, you will get to enjoy food which is included in the ticket. It’s a buffet setting that offers a large selection of Mexican cuisine, pasta, natural juices, barbecue, pasta, etc. When it comes to adventure activities, you can enjoy the following:

  • Zip Lines:

At Xplor Fuego, there is one circuit with seven zip lines on each; they are of various heights and speeds, which allows you to take a sight in the jungle. On some zip lines, you can go with a partner as well. One of the zip lines even has a water slide down, which makes it the main attraction for a lot of visitors.

  • Amphibious Vehicles (ATVs):

There are all-terrain vehicles with 4 and 2 seats; you can choose any one as per your liking. You can drive them through standing water, jungle, and dark caves. The fun multiplies when you get to drive through the jungle at night.

  • Cave River Rafting:

Underground rivers and caves are another major attraction of Xplor Fuego. You can explore the Cave Rivers by rafting and swimming. For both exploration ways, you can choose either a long or a short route. If you are not good at swimming, then worry not, as the water is shallow and calm.

  • Hammock Splash:

It is a quick activity that you can enjoy at Xplor Fuego. In this, you will be lying on a small hammock tied to a zip line. The zip line will move back and forth over the water. There are two zip lines in this activity that are short yet worth giving a shot.

  • Underground Expedition:

This fun activity was launched last year in March, wherein you get to discover freshwater caves and hike between forest landscapes. You can choose to do either of the paths as they offer a unique experience. In the end, you’ll finish up on an exciting water slide.

Doesn’t all this sound exhilarating to you? So, make sure to explore Xplor Fuego to unleash your intrepid nature!